Down The Rhine, Up the Danube


Nobody writes guides about rivers, – said my old friend when I showed her a draft for my first post. Why don’t you write a blog about a city, like Frankfurt, instead?

Why don’t I write about a city or how this blog came to be.

Three shepherds came together and formed a nation, three springs came together and they become a stream. [Victor Hugo, 1838. My translation].

Cities are Not Rivers

(German) cities are said to be a product of Roman Empire. Rivers – creation of Evolution, G-d himself and the nature. While cities were political and mostly ruled by powerful individuals, rivers dictated humans what to eat, grow, sell, and even where to live since the ancient times.

River is a Country’s Resume

The course of a river is a country’s curriculum vitae. The stream shows its every developmental phase from being an innocent child to an old wise man. The birth of Rhein in the mountain stream, the fist obstacles in the upper valley, stormy breakthroughs at Swiss Basel, clearing waters in the lake of Bodensee to make its crucial turn to the sea after.  Three countries and multiple counties formed a place united by one river.

Ancient Nature turns to Modern Culture

The way from ancient nature to modern culture and history is what the Rhine fascinates me with. My fascination is the main reason for taking a complicated and time-consuming  detour and writing a guide about the river, not a city.


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