The River Main

River, Wine

Rivers write history and create cities. Following along the Main will give you the most interesting points.

River Main on the Map of Germany today
image original source

Main Started Long Ago

When looking for the origins of Main one should go back over 15 million years ago. Everywhere Main makes a turn, there were mountains in the way.

Main Streams from Bavaria to Frankfurt

While the history of German nation begins on the Rhine going to Bavaria, the stream of Main goes in the opposite direction.

Romans named it for its force

Main is known for its force. Multiple times it had flooded its people living on the banks. Roman words for it means “the magnificent”.

Main connects to Danube

The idea of connection between the two rivers belongs to early Carl the Great. Later, Bavarian King Ludwig invested 25 million mark in building a channel between Danube and Main. Later, his successors will call him wasteful. Today, whole industries exists thanks for the Main-Danube channel.

Frankish Wine is Unique

Most of the wine is growing on the Danube side of Main. White is know for its light, mineral taste. Frankish wine pairs well with local food, including grilled sausage with sauerkraut [RECIPE FOLLOWS]. Warming climate allows growing red wine here which is said to be competitive with the French.

How to pick Frankish Wine

When picking Frankish wine look for VDP certification and geographic area indication on your label to ensure wine was grown and picked in Franken. The largest areas of wine grown here are the Mueller-Thurgau, Silvaner and Bacchus (the whites). Reds grown here are Domina, Spaetburgunder and Dornfelder.

If you get your hands on the red brand of Centgrafenberg GG – pick one or two without hesitation.

Müller-Thurgau, Franconia:

Silvaner, Franconia

  • Horst Sauer right on the Main shore, old part of the river
  • Rudolf Fürst two steps away from Miltenberg, a picturesque historic town


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