Rheingau in Your Glass


Did you know that your Riesling needs a glass? Or your glass needs a Riesling. One of these happens at least once a day  when you are in the Rheingau area. What you probably did not know, there is a Riesling glass dedicated to a certain wine-making area.

The Rheingau Glass!

If you had Riesling without this glass you did not have Riesling at all. It is like fake bacon (I apologize to all my vegan friends here), grain-free bread and 0 calorie mayo. The idea is great but the rest is a curve of disappointment.

The secret is to add about 1/4 to your glass to open the tastes and aromas of it. Warning: this glass involves a lot of workout. You will be taking trip from your table/porch/ocean view penthouse balcony/couch a lot to refill. But it is totally worth it.

Related image

The Rheingau Glass. Source: vinosion.de

The glasses are sold by RIEDEL, price depends on whether you prefer a crystal, hand-made version or, if you are a klutz like me and feel more comfortable with a regular one.

To start with, try following Riesling wines:

  1. Laquai Riesling dry/semi-dry.
Image result for laquai riesling

Source: navinum.de

2. Querbach Q1 Riesling. You will say bye-bye to other ones.

Image result for Q1 riesling

3. Joachim Flick dry Riesling. Unique character.

Image result for joachim flick riesling

4. Not only the wine but also the history of the owner and his family.

Image result for bester riesling rheingau

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